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Here's a little bit about my journey as a cartoonist!

Hi! My name is Daniel Cortes but many know me as DannyCortoons! I was born and raised in Miami Florida, and I’ve always had a passion for drawing. From a young age, I was fascinated by how cartoons were made. I remember following a bunch of “How to Draw” books that my dad had laying around during my early years. However, cartooning didn’t become my “thing” until I was in the 4th grade, where I created a comic book about a team of young super heroes for a class project. Ever since then, I was always known as the local cartoonist among my friends and family, and wore that title with honor. I would then go on to make a new animated project about a talking bee for my AP English Literature class during my junior year of high school. This, I would then adapt into the student film that I directed at Miami-Dade College’s MAGIC program called “What’s the Buzz!?” Featuring the Book Bee! I graduated with my associate’s degree in animation May of 2020. After this, I gained a bit of social media notoriety for drawing every Super Smash Bros. character in a 1930’s cartoon style used by the popular game, "Cuphead", and it’s given me so many opportunities! I’ve now worked on several cartoon projects and am hopeful to continue sharing the talent, joy, and grace God has given me with the rest of the world!

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